Böhmisches Waldschaf

Species profile - Böhmisches Waldschaf (Bohemian Wood Sheep)

The Wood Sheep is a small to medium-sized sheep with white, black, brown or pied colouring. The animals have small ears and a woolly forehead. Both sexes can be horned or unhorned, are fine-bodied and have a long woolly tail. The mixed wool consists of coarse short hair, the long hair and very fine wool fibres.

They are extremely easy-feeding and humble and thus especially suitable for landscape management. They are characterised by robustness, weather resistance, easy to lamb and insensitivity to disease. Wood sheep have good fertility and good mothering qualities.

The sheep here in the Nature Park are privately supplied animals and are, of course, lovingly cared for by our team.  A small herd of 25-30 animals is to be created, which in future will graze difficult-to-manage areas in the Nature Park and thus help to preserve the valuable rough grassland areas with all its flora and fauna.

Key data

  • Status: rare land sheep breed, highly endangered
  • Size: 60 - 65 cm (female), 65 - 70 cm (male)
  • Weight: 35 - 60 kg (female), 55 - 85 kg (male)
  • Shearing: 2 times per year
  • Oestrus cycle: aseasonal
  • Suitability: extensive husbandry, landscape management