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Seltene Nutztierrassen im Naturpark Nordwald, © Verein Naturpark Nordwald
Böhmerwaldschafe in den Tiergehegen, © Verein Naturpark Nordwald

Nature Park Animals

The Nordwald Nature Park as home to seldom farm animal races

Animal keeping has a long tradition in the Nordwald Nature Park. Especially for families with children, a visit to our cheeky goats is always a special experience.

Whether Dwarf Goats, Tauernschecken Goats or Bohemian Wood Sheep - animal keeping has always been a tradition in the Nordwald Nature Park. Our animals are especially popular among the younger visitors. Several animal bawns in the nature park area in the village of Scheiben make it possible to observe the animals at close range, but also to have direct contact and feed them from your hand. Our animals are housed in the bawns from the beginning of May until autumn. Visiting and feeding is possible daily at any time and free of charge.

Tip: The animal enclosures are easily accessible from the Information Blockhouse or car park in Scheiben via the Obstle(h)r-Pfad trail in about 10 minutes, even with pushchairs.

Conservation of rare farm animal breeds

The focus of animal keeping in the Nordwald Nature Park is on old and rare livestock breeds such as our Bohemian Wood sheep, and this will be further promoted in the medium term through additional cooperation with breeders and conservation associations. All animals are basically privately owned and on loan. Therefore, the animals may change from case to case during the season.

Feeding the animals from your hand

Feeding our Nature Park animals is especially popular with our younger visitors and always a special experience. However, in the interests of animal welfare, please respect the relevant rules and only feed the animal food provided by us at the feeding stations. Unfortunately, animal food you bring yourself (especially stale bread and other kitchen waste) often leads to unintentional illnesses in the animal enclosures and must therefore not be fed under any circumstances. Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

Animal emergency number

The animals in the Nature Park are cared for daily by our team in the best possible way. However, should you notice anything unusual or any injuries to the animals, please contact one of the following animal caretakers directly by telephone:

Hermann Hahn jun. +43 (0)660 / 738 14 04
Barbara Blamauer +43 (0)664 / 233 55 52
Hermann Hahn sen. +43 (0)2857 / 2802 or +43 (0)664 / 738 404 88