Feeding animals from your hand

Unfortunately, animal food that you bring yourself is not allowed to be fed

When hand-feeding the animals, please only use the feed bags with species-appropriate animal food provided for this purpose at the enclosures.

In zoos and petting enclosures there are unfortunately often serious illnesses and even deaths of animals due to unsuitable or excessive feeding by visitors (e.g. old bread brought in by the visitors themselves). Of course, the nature park team understands that feeding the animals directly from your hand is a lot of fun and especially popular with younger Nature Park visitors. Therefore, no absolute ban on feeding should be imposed.

Please support us in the interest of animal welfare and therefore only use the proper animal feed from the feed bags provided for this purpose. These can be obtained for a small donation of € 1,- directly at the animal enclosures near the feeding areas from the correspondingly labelled feed boxes. By using this suitable animal feed, you ensure species-appropriate and quantity-limited feeding and thus promote the health of our Nature Park animals.

You are welcome to put the empty animal feed bags back into the feed box after use. These will be refilled and you thus help us to avoid unnecessary waste.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding.