Stierhüblteich in Karlstift, © Verein Naturpark Nordwald
Stierhüblteich in Karlstift, © Waldviertel Tourismus | Robert Herbst
Stierhüblteich in Karlstift, © Verein Naturpark Nordwald | Foto: Dr. Reinhard Nieder
Stierhüblteich in Karlstift, © Verein Naturpark Nordwald

Stierhüblteich Moor Pond

Forest- and moor bathing pond in Karlstift

This magnificent moor bathing pond located in the Nature Park forest in Karlstift offers summer visitors a very special natural jewel.

The Stierhüblteich with its unique moor water is located idyllically in the middle of a forest in the Nordwald Nature Park in Karlstift. At the moor bathing pond there are a buffet, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, a wooden barbecue, a children's playground, a sandy beach and well-marked hiking trails. At the pond buffet you can rent stand-up paddle boards by the hour. Dogs are generally not allowed to swim and must be kept on a leash.

A tree-felling museum has been set up near the buffet, which provides information about the woodworking of bygone times and documents the life of the " Holzknechte" ( lumberjacks) with impressive photos and tools. There is even a reconstructed part of an old wood drift with a representation of the last transportway of wood (the firewood was transported for decades via this waterway to the city of Vienna). An educational wood exhibition on the terrace of the house shows the different types of wood in the Waldviertel. A well-marked hiking trail leads into a seemingly unreal landscape, to the "Große Haide" raised bog. Here you can still find plants from the Ice Age, such as the dwarf birch. From a lookout tower you have a wonderful overview of the mystical moor landscape. A hike from Karlstift to the raised bog takes about 35 minutes.

Prices: Access incl. parking free of charge

Facilities: Buffet, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, sunbathing lawns, wooden barbecue, children's playground, sandy beach, wood chipper museum, wood educational show, well-marked hiking trails.

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