View from the lookout tower on Schwarzenberg hill, © Verein Naturpark Nordwald

History & Intent

Nature Park with a long tradition

The Nordwald Nature Park and its traditional supporting association can look back on a 50-year history with plenty of both smaller and larger milestones.

Year Event / Milestone
1971 Founding meeting of the association
1974 Construction of the 1st lookout platform at Schwarzenberg
1974/75 Construction of the car park at the entrance to the nature park in the Scheiben area
1975/77 Construction of the animal enclosures including sanitary facilities, children's playground and barbecue station in the Scheiben area
1975/76 Construction of the lookout platform at the "Große Heide" raised bog in the Karlstift area
1975/77 Construction of the cabin facilities at the Stierhüblteich pond in Karlstift
1978 Declaration of the landscape protection sites in the area of Scheiben and Karlstift as a Nature Park in the Nordwald forest by state decree
1978 Opening of the Nordwald Großpertholz Nature Park
1978/80 Construction of the information blockhouse in Scheiben
1981 Designation of the raised bog "Große Heide" as a nature reserve by state law
1981 Construction of the chapel "Mother of God in the Nordwald forest" in Scheiben
1984/85 Construction of the sanitary facilities at the information blockhouse in Scheiben
1986 Holding of the 1st Nature Park Festival (15-year Nature Park Anniversary)
1991 Declaration of the Karlstifter raised bog "Große Heide" as a biogenetic reserve (Council of Europe)
1995 Declaration of the entire Nature Park area as an Important Bird Area (IBA)
1996 Declaration of the entire nature park area as a Natura-2000 bird protection area "Waldviertel" (EU Birds Directive)
1999 Declaration of the Nature Park in Karlstift as a Ramsar area "Waldviertler Teich-, Moor- und Flusslandschaft" (Ramsar Convention, Wetland of International Importance)
2004 Post-nomination of areas and protected objects in the nature park area (according to the EU Birds Directive)
2019 Ratification of the Nature Park Charter with the municipality of Bad Großpertholz
2020 Finalisation and submission of the Nature Park Concept
2021 Organisation of the 35th Nature Park Festival (50-years Nature Park Anniversary)