Switch off, relax
and enjoy

Blossom splendour near Reichenau am Freiwald, © Mag. Axel Schmidt


Our goals in the recreation pillar

Our ambition is to offer attractive, well-maintained and natural recreational facilities and opportunities in clean air and tranquillity in accordance to the unique landscape character - away from daily routine.

In accordance with the recreation pillar of the 4-pillar model of the Austrian Nature Parks, Norwald Nature Park association has formulated a number of sub-goals for the coming years in its Nature Park Concept, which are to be achieved step by step within the scope of several projects:

  • The region's tourism offer will become a model for innovative, ecologically sustainable, all-year-round Nature Park tourism.
  • The Nature Park region is to be perceived as a tourist experience area in the field of nature-based recreational tourism. Suitable touristic niche products with reference to the Nature Park are to be established, professionally marketed and advertised.
  • The outdated basic infrastructure of the Nature Park for tourism and nature education (network of paths, theme trails, exhibition and information boards, visitor guidance, etc.) will be restored, modernised and enhanced. In particular, the Schwarzenberg viewing platform as one of the main attractions will be renovated (in the short term) and a (long-term) follow-up solution will be found.