Value creation
and quality of life

Several regional fruit varieties, © Mag. Axel Schmidt

Regional Development

Our goals in the regional development pillar

Through our Nature Park, we provide important impulses for regional development by cooperation between local and regional actors in the fields of nature conservation, agriculture, tourism, culture and education, thus enhancing regional wealth and quality of life.

In accordance with the regional development pillar of the 4-pillar model of the Austrian Nature Parks, Norwald Nature Park association has formulated a number of sub-goals for the coming years in its Nature Park Concept, which are to be achieved step by step within the scope of several projects:

  • The Nature Park contributes strongly to increasing regional added value. Own products as well as cooperations with local/regional partner producers are established within the framework of the "Nature Park Specialities", collectively distributed and professionally marketed regionally and trans-regionally.
  • raditional knowledge, handcrafts and production methods adapted to the Nature Park region become visible and experienceable in the Nature Park (e.g. by workshops, exhibitions, seminars, etc.).